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A project by Mercedes Pimiento and Antonio R. Montesinos



Mercedes Pimiento and Antonio R. Montesinos. Installation, program of activities and publication.


Publication EN POTENCIA, 2018

Offset printing on Cyclus Print paper. 500 copies

EN POTENCIA (2018), a project by Mercedes Pimiento and Antonio R. Montesinos, is part of Proyecto Kiosco, a program of interventions that the José Guerrero Art Center carries out in the kiosk number 14 at Bib-Rambla square (Granada), with the purpose of encouraging relations between art and public sphere. In this case, the intervention is articulated through a publication and a fold-out device, thought to be activated three times through workshops, talks or festive meetings, as a mechanism to rethink the uses of the square.


EN POTENCIA project takes the idea of ​​recovering public space in an increasingly privatized urban context as a starting point. Through a device and a series of collective actions, an alternative to this situation is proposed: promoting a subjective, collaborative and common space, trying to build a place through experience. Thus, this project proposes a public device / sculpture that surpasses the idea of ​​a monument — since it does not intend to recall an event, but to generate it — in order to activate the plaza as a public, relational and flexible space.


This device consists of a modular structure constructed from materials that usually end up being discarded as part of the production and consumption processes. Thus, we use objects and materials that belong to the daily life of the city, to resignify and give them a new use, in the same way that we intend to do with the plaza.


From September to December 2018, three activations were carried out in the kiosk. It was essential for us to add ideas and bodies to this project, to create a choral story, in which different voices —local and external— could think, propose and activate possible uses of the square.


In the first activation of the project we collaborated with different agents and collectives: Enmedio Collective, which gave the Fine Fences workshop; Clara Nubiola, who proposed the collective action From 8 to 8; and Antonio Collados and the students of the course Art, Public Space and Nature, at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Granada, who developed the project Bib-Rambla no longer smells of flowers, an editorial research work around the Plaza Bib-Rambla.


The second activation consisted in the presentation of the publication, in which the general information of the project and the first activation was collected, and which was available from then on at the José Guerrero Art Centre and other spots in the city.


Finally, the third activation consisted of a closing party in which we had a sound intervention by Andy G. Vidal and the music of Putyourhandsonyourwaist Djs.

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