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Projects for new mountains II

Proyectos II_mercedes-pimiento

Projects for new mountains II: Athos, Teufelsberg, Turó de la Rovira , 2018

Digital print on Cyclus Print paper 42x59.4cm. 50 copies

Proyectos II_mercedes-pimiento
Proyectos II_mercedes-pimiento
Proyectos II_mercedes-pimiento
DSC02095 copia_p2.jpg

Projects for new mountains II (2018/2019) proposes a narrative and material dialogue between different places and landscapes. Taking the fact of the creation (nominal, physical or mythical creation) of the mountain as a starting point, this project is developed around the notion of landscape as a social construction, paying special attention to the layers (of sediments and memory) that constitute it.


Through the study of the different processes of construction and transformation, a dialogue is proposed between three specific places: Teufelsberg — an artificial mountain built on the outskirts of Berlin with debris from the Second World War—, Mount Athos — a sacred mountain within Europe, in which it is forbidden for women to enter — and Turó de la Rovira, an urban mountain located in Barcelona, ​​which has been excavated and remodeled throughout history, reflecting the history of the city.


Projects for new mountains II: Athos, Teufelsberg, Turó de la Rovira (2018) is a publication structured in three sheets that articulates the development of this research,  along with the project Turó de la Rovira: Encofrados (2018/2019) formed by a series of sculptural pieces and two photographs, and the video Ascension to Mount Athos (2018).

Project granted by Guasch-Coranty Foundation

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