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Poise. Escape and containment

Poise - mercedes pimiento.jpg

Poise. Escape and containment, 2021

Silica sand, resin, refractory bricks, glass and photography.

This project traces the glass production process, from its origin in the silica sands to the formal purity of the final fragile pieces, investigating the history of La Trinidad Glass Factory in Seville.


The 'Poise' is the unit we use to measure the viscosity of fluids, and in this case refers to the state of the glass during its manufacturing process. Molten glass is a very viscous incandescent paste, somewhere between liquid and solid, which can hold a shape but which also tends to leak or spill. In this state, the material is contained in the molds or in the artisan hands of the glassmaker, who shapes it and carefully straightens it until it cools and solidifies in its final state.


This project consists of a group of sculptures that suggest a series of moments of escape and containment, in which silica sand —the raw material with which glass is produced— is contained in structures built from refractory bricks and original pieces recovered from factory. 

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