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Invisible landscapes

Invisible Landscapes (TEASER), 2017

Video 22 min 

This project starts from a trip, repeated many times, between Barcelona (where I currently live) and Seville (the city where I grew up), through a very specific and politicized infrastructure such as the AVE (Spanish high-speed rail service).


I have made a video file of the landscapes that turn up during the 5 hours and a half that this trip lasts. This time goes by in a place, the train car, which as I keep repeating the trip I tend to consider as own and quotidian. It is a place that does not occupy a fixed space; a place that, as it travels through the territory, produces landscape.

Taking this video file as an starting point, I have been cataloging and editing the recorded landscapes. Given the fact that there is no neutral classification, in this case I decided to select those suspected natural spaces, in which human intervention is not noticeable; those spaces that had not already been defined through their use.


The result is a 22-minute video, in which the images are accompanied by a text that intercalates self narrated stories with a bibliographic research about the social construction of landscape, its origin and its engagement with processes such as the construction of collective memory, as a silent language that contributes to naturalize and normalize social relations and territorial order.


Untitled,  2017 Wood 100x125x80cm

Untitled is an installation that consists of a folding table and four wooden chairs, a little bit smaller than a common adult furniture. It aims to be an intermediate point between a train table and a children's play table, bringing together an element that is part of a hyper-defined infrastructure (the train table) that makes possible a certain experience of the territory, with the place where, since childhood, we learn how to relate to the world.

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