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Blocks 2014/2016

40 Polyurethane foam blocks 20x20x40cm each and wooden structure 100x100x100cm

Blocks  is a detachable and portable installation. It is made up of a wooden structure with a base of one square meter and a height of one meter, forty building blocks and a small ladder. The wooden structure serves both as a base or support, as well as a transport box for the pieces, so that the entire set can be easily disassembled and transported. 


The blocks are polyurethane reproductions made from a standard concrete block. By using polyurethane a light and flexible material to make the copies, they lose the utility that the original piece had, since they are neither hard nor resistant. At the same time, a certain confusion is created by totally transforming the physical properties of an element as common as a concrete block, thus attracting attention and fostering interaction. The rough and heavy concrete blocks become soft, light and pleasant to the touch, in a way that invites and favors their manipulation, while totally perverting their original use.


As a modular piece, it is an open work that can adopt different forms, inviting the viewer to imagine different possible options. Blocks is a basic and portable construction kit that offers endless possibilities for self-construction and redefinition of space, as a counterpoint to a standardized world, in which everything is already designed and built; in which our body has to adapt to pre-established structures. 


From a first design, the development of the project has given rise to a series of situations in which different people have spontaneously proposed alternative designs based on the limited physical conditions of the piece. From different conversations, I developed a series of drawings that collect these proposals, and that work as synthetic construction schemes.

Blocks (Process) 2016

Video loop

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