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Projects for new mountains



Throughout history all kinds of mountains have been created. From the mythological mountains where gods have always lived, to artificial mountains erected for strategic purposes, such as those ones built in the Middle Ages to dominate the valleys, or mountains built as landmarks or emblems to solidify (or bury) the memory from the Mayan or Egyptian pyramids to Teufelsberg, an artificial mountain built on the outskirts of Berlin with debris from the Second World War.


In contrast to these megalithic works, in Projects for new mountains I propose minimal actions; attempts to produce the space from the body, from its own scale, its fragility and its inability. Different relationships are established between photographs, drawings and small objects that can remember one of both architectural models or children’s games or kits of self-construction, turned into a form of projection and appropriation of space through the gaze.




1. Untitled, 2017 Concrete and wood 6,5x27x24,5 cm 

2. Untitled, 2017 Digital print 21x30 cm

3. Untitled, 2017 Wood 4,5x4,5x18 cm

4. Untitled, 2017 Graphite on paper 21x15cm each 

5. Untitled, 2017 Concrete and wood 21x25x40,5cm 

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