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Handle with care


Untitled , 2013/2014

Wood, plaster and aluminum. Variable measures

The world is my imagination. The more skill I have to miniaturize the world, the more I own it.


The poetics of space, Gastón Bachelard.


Handle with care is the title of the exhibition and the label used to point out that inside a container there is a fragile and possibly valuable element that is going to be moved from one place to another, suggesting concepts related to fragility, care or intimacy.


With a project considered a work in progress, Mercedes Pimiento (Seville, 1990) reflects on the way in which we occupy space and relate to our immediate environment: the process by which we transform a space into a place. This is a heterogeneous project in which we find works that seek to invade or occupy the exhibition space as a whole, transforming it to create a unique installation in which the works relate to each other and to the viewer at different levels.


Observing each of the pieces, certain aspects draw our attention, such as the size of the works, the type of materials used —building materials, although with continuous references to the organic and natural—, the fact that they are hand-made reproductions of found everyday objects (obets trouvés) and that each piece has a constructive or architectural character.


Scale also plays a fundamental role in the artist's project, since a direct relationship is established between the size of the work and the human scale, which makes the perception of the piece vary based on this relationship. However, the proportion in her work is not always obvious as she deliberately creates a space in which the viewer does not have all the information. Likewise, Mercedes Pimiento makes installations of small dimensions or miniatures, which open different possibilities of perception to the viewer.


The concept of "shelter", very present in the exhibition through the architectural forms of the pieces, is for the French writer Henri Bachelin (France, 1879), the fundamental root of the function of living. This idea of exploring the refuge, the ephemeral, the removable, the fragile, but of value, is what interests the artist and what connects us with the title of the exhibition, Handle with care .


    Mariana Hormaechea


Exhibition: Handle with care

Sala Castelar, Seville.


29.04.2014 / 27.06.2014

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